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Review: TRC – The Story So Far (EP)

Our verdict on the re-release from UK hardcore mob TRC.

Band: TRC
Release: The Story So Far (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

TRC have long been one of the most controversial bands of the UK hardcore scene. Due to their decisions to not stick to the elitist hardcore uniforms along with their lyrics and Chris Robson’s unique MC style vocals they’ve very much divided the masses over the years. The band are only set to gain more fans and haters with their latest release ‘The Story So Far’ EP.

However this EP is (for the most part) not new, due to signing to US label No Sleep, the band could not release last year’s full length ‘Bright Lights’ due to legal reasons and therefore have decided to re-release 2009’s ‘The Revolution Continues’ EP with two new songs thrown in for good measure. For anyone unfamiliar with TRC this EP is a great insight into where the band came from and their unique sound. Full of bouncy riffs and meaty breakdowns along with Chris Robson and co-frontman Anthony Carroll vocal trade offs, the EP showcases everything that makes TRC great with the likes of long time fan favourites ‘Bastard’ and ‘Sweatbox’. The EP also features what was for many TRC’s breakthrough moment in the form of the superb ‘London’s Greatest Love Story’. The punishing yet honest tale of infidelity remains one of the band’s greatest moments to date. Mosh pit ready yet also containing more emotional conviction than most of the hardcore pretenders could ever dream of squeezing into their songs, it’s essential listening.

However the best and most promising thing about ‘The Story So Far’ EP is the new songs featured are undoubtedly the EP’s highlights. ‘TEAM UK’ being a celebration of UK music, and only baiting the haters more by giving a shout out to Dappy, it kicks hard but also hones TRC’s sense of grandiose with epic string sections which wouldn’t be out of place being blasted out on massive stages. While on the other hand ‘Heartless’ is a five star example of what TRC do best which is write bangers. Joined by long time friend and collaborator Nathan from Prowler, the song is once again full of tell it like it is lyrics while dripping with swag and aggression in equal measures.

So as with re-releases whether it’s worth your hard earned cash is really down to who you are. If you’re a long time TRC fan you probably have a large amount of the EP already, but even if that is the case ‘TEAM UK’ and ‘Heartless’ are still well worth downloading as they are sure to be staples of the TRC live set from now on. On the other hand if you’re new to TRC this is a great starting point featuring some of their best songs, from both the past and present, and sets you up for the future of one of the most exciting bands in UK hardcore.


Reviewer: Gavin Lloyd

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