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Review: Tonight Alive – What Are You So Scared Of? (Album)

Tonight Alive’s new record is reviewed here. See more inside!

Band: Tonight Alive
Release: What Are You So Scared Of? (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Tonight Alive have a great sound, yeah they sound like Paramore but so what? This Australian pop punk outfit are something a little different and that comparison probably won’t offend them too much. Lead singer Jenna McDougall has a great voice and all comparisons aside, she completely holds her own on this record. Is it ground-breaking or stuff we haven’t heard before? Not at all, but it is pretty enjoyable and it’s difficult to begrudge a band when the record they put out is pretty fun to listen to.

Tracks like ‘Safe & Sound’ and ‘Let It Land’ contrast in style and energy but provide an enjoyable variety and stop the album from becoming predictable. Although, it’d be great to have some more anger on the record, some real emotion that bleeds through, but that always proves elusive which is a bit of a problem. You almost want McDougall to just scream her heart out on a couple of tracks because that little bit of grit is missing and could have made the record rise up above the average.

In fairness, it’s probably an album that’s more than average but you just crave a little more at the end of it. It ticks all the pop punk boxes pretty well and has bundles of energy oozing from every crevice but right the way through you feel something’s missing. That’s the real shame of it because it’s obvious that Tonight Alive have bags of potential and for a debut it’s extremely solid, but you wonder how good they’d sound if they had gone that extra length further.

Some songs don’t work as well as you might think, ‘Amelia’ feels like it should be more emotive and more heart-wrenching but it just makes you want to listen to Flyleaf. But then again, ‘Breaking & Entering’ is a brilliant opener to the record, aggressive, lyrically astute and awash with thick guitars which is always a good thing.

Tonight Alive are a band who deserve to do well, it’s a solid debut even if you want that little bit more, but we can’t always have what we want right?


Reviewer: Greg Spencer


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