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Review: The Riot Soul – The Riot Soul (ST Single)

Check out The Riot Soul’s new single here!

Band: The Riot Soul
Release: The Riot Soul (Single) (Self Titled)
Release Date: Out Now!

Finish Hard Rock band The Riot Soul release their debut self-titled single. The single features two tracks; ‘Slaves & Harlots’ which is grippingly fast and guaranteed to make your ears bleed. This track consists of nothing but head banging solo’s and drum beats that make you want to run around punching things. The screechy vocals of frontman, Miika Kokko sounds like a combination of Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses) and Olli Herman (Reckless Love) being grabbed by the balls.

The second track ‘Kill The Rock N’ Roll Star’ is another staggeringly energetic song with raunchy guitar riffs and sleazy gang vocals. This song is a hard hitting party anthem made to make you stand up and throw your fist in the air.

The single is available on Amazon and iTunes now.

Click here for a sneaky peak:

Reviewer: Louisa Smith

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