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Review: The Lumineers – Stubborn Love (Single)

Check out what HTF thought of The Lumineers’ new single ‘Stubborn Love’ here!

Artist: The Lumineers
Release: Stubborn Love
Release date: Out now

Stubborn Love,’  The Lumineers’ latest single from their self-titled 2012 album orchestrates the deepest, most intimate side to the folk-rock trio’s diverse style. As the title would imply, this track portrays the negative side to love. Along with its poignant lyrics, The Lumineers’ delicate instrumentals perfectly complement this portrayal; fully accentuating the solemn yet optimistic tale. It’s little wonder that ‘Stubborn Love’ was selected for single release; the  deeply evocative track jumping from western melancholy to infectious chorus throughout, leaving it irresistibly repeatable.  


Reviewer: Bart Williams

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