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Review: The Karma Party – Dark Matters (EP)

The Karma Party have released a five track EP. Check out what HTF thought of it.

Band: The Karma Party
Release: Dark Matters (EP)
Release Date: Out now!

If ever a genre title had us tickled it would be how The Karma Party describe themselves: punk-step. All it invokes is the thought of a load of punk kids two stepping in the middle of a mosh pit! Genre divisions aside the combination of punk sentimentalities and beats mixed with a funkier dub-step beat gives the band a feel of a late King Blues.

The fact that the first two tracks are called ‘This is Britain’ and ‘Collapse’ you’d be totally justified for thinking that you may be faced with politically charged lyrics, snarling vicious comments about the government, corruption and the sea of injustices in life. It’s not all as depressing as you may think though: from the moment you hit play you won’t be able to stop. The pulsing beats and groove of the tracks will keep you wanting more.

From the opening track ‘This is Britain’ you’re hit straight away with the gnarly vocals and an attack on apart British values. Everything from soap operas and the queen to orange tans and X Factor backed by punk riffs and full force power and speed. There has definitely been a gap in the music waves for a band with an aggressive political message with deep punk vocals and The Karma Party now firmly fill the gap we’ve all been craving. The stand up and fight for what you believe in vibe is something not enough artists take pride in doing so The Karma Party are a breath of fresh air.

‘This is Britain’ leads nicely into ‘Collapse’ which boasts a faster tempo and more electronic samples. Closer ‘The Opposition’ begins with “Welcome to the karma party. The time has come to discover who you really are”. Maybe this track would have been best served as the opening track but instead it makes the EP seem like an endless cycle. The electro influences become a heavier deal on this track

‘Dark Matters’ is a versatile album which on the surface may seem dark and emotive, but if you look behind that it’s just a fun punk album doing what punk does best.


Reviewed by: Rhian Westbury

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