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Review: The Here And Now – Born To Make Believe Part 1 (EP)

Read what we thought of the new EP from The Here And Now!


Release: Born To Make Believe Part 1
Band: The Here And Now
Release Date: Out Now

Starting like the thoughtful, melodic intro of a soft indie record, The Here And Now‘s first track on their EP, the title track ‘Born To Make Believe’ is slightly deceiving. One minute in and it descends into the screaming and heavy guitar parts of a pop punk record.

The side project of Four Year Strong‘s guitarist and vocalist Alan Day, The Here And Now has been in existence barely a year after the musician decided to step out of the musical boundaries of his primary band to embrace some wider influences.

Although the EP sticks mostly to the catchy, pop punk tunes promised by its opening number, it draws in other sides, from the more rock and roll leanings of ‘Falling Slower’ to the acoustic number ‘Broken By You’.

At times the songs fail to quite fit together, jumping too greatly from the high octane chords to the equally engaging more indie numbers such as the beautifully painful ‘Keep Me In Your Heart’. Its clear that Day is a person of many musical talents, but there’s a lack of overall direction in how he wants to project the sound of the record.

Its a good start for an EP though, and there’s some real surprises, not least the Silverchair-esque finale ‘Numb Again’, which wouldn’t sound out of place on the Aussie band’s first album ‘Frogstomp’. More cohesion and a better recording quality and there’s a fine new artist to look out for.


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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