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Review: The Catharsis – Romance (Album)

We checked out the debut full-length ‘Romance’ from caustic midlanders The Catharsis. See what we thought inside!

Band: The Catharsis
Release: Romance (Album)
Release Date: Out Now!

Unsettling, sonically disturbing feedback and impure bass notes kick off proceedings in the form of ‘Funeral‘, a short offering that welcomes us to the debut full-length ‘Romance‘ from The Catharsis, Sabbath Town’s most exciting offering.

Having been perpetually pummelled in the chest by the heavy-as-sin ‘Dead Man Talking‘, the end section of ‘Stray Dogs‘ is more than enough to grit your teeth and gurn at, it’s as though there is some sort of inadvertent, oddball groove attached to it without taking away from the intensity of the bands’ already established caustic, destroying sound.

The carnage that ‘Spirit Lifter‘ ensues is brought down to earth slightly with ‘Styx‘ a slightly down-paced, romantic atonement paying compliment to the fierceness of the faster tracks as well as displaying song writing abilities that are more than often lacking or ill-incorporated with regards to hardcore bands.

“No love/ no love for me” are the words that spew tormented and plagued towards the conclusion of ‘Leave Me Here‘. The track drops into the most groove-driven, visceral section that ‘Romance‘ has to offer before shutting down to allow the intensity of ‘O’Recluse‘ to violate an already disrupted state even more so.

Title track ‘Romance‘ brings proceedings to a close, heartbreaking, listless and desperate, the conclusion of this record is far from buoyant and sanguine, themes of loss and abhorrence are rife throughout the course. It’s crushing beauty is portrayed brilliantly and it is also necessary to note that the production of the record is top-bollock.

It’s destroying, thought-provoking and far from easy listening but if you’re a fan of bruisers like The Chariot, Converge and UK aggressors Feed The Rhino and POLAR, then The Catharsis could well just be your cup of hate-based tea.


Reviewer: Luke E Davis

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