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Review: The Afterparty – Restless (EP)

Read our thoughts on the new EP from The Afterparty!

Band: The Afterparty
Release: Restless (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

British pop-punkers The Afterparty have just released their new EP ‘Restless’, full of catchy hooks, fun riffs and a feel good vibe.

Vocally, it’s quite similar to the style of the legendary Fall Out Boy, which to some is pretty darn good. However, it can be slightly grating for those into something with a bit more of a punch. Nonetheless, the perky guitar flicks and beating drums mix perfectly with it, creating a light and fluffy rock song.

First track ‘Sticks And Stones’ shows off the band to the full. It’s energetic with a chorus perfect for singing back. Again, it does verge on slightly annoying with the cheesy lyrics but it’s undoubtedly contagious. Second track on the EP is ‘So Much To Say’. Starting off a bit more mellow, it’s refreshing to hear a calmer vocal before bashing out into yet another catchy chorus. Full of little guitar twangs, the track always has something going on.

Next track ‘Diamond Eyes’ again starts a bit mellower with soft instrumental strums before building up into a punchy chorus. Already, it’s clear that this will be a great EP to play live with people singing the lyrics back. The final track on the EP, ‘How To Let Go’, is an infectious little ender. Even if you try not to like this band, the tune will stick in your head and you will listen to it again. Definitely the best track off the EP!


Reviewer: Jasmine Sevette

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