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Review: Suicide Commando – When Evil Speaks (Album)

We checked out ‘When Evil Speaks’, the new record from Suicide Commando. See what we thought of it just inside here!

Band: Suicide Commando
Release: When Evil Speaks
Release Date: Out Now!

Johan Van Roy has always been held to high acclaim as one of the pioneers of the distinctively harsh EBM-styled techno genre and following 2000’s ‘Mindstrip‘ release, he has always fed his loyal followers exactly what they crave, conforming solidly to a single formula.

Feeding My Inner Hate‘ kicks of proceedings, although sounding as though it could well be at home within the walls of your trendiest nightclub, the sinister, harrowing undertones of the track that are carried by the vocal style would be more than enough to deter the ecstacy-popping, chino-wearing idiots that may deem this to be their ‘kind of thing’ as we enter ‘Cut_Bleed_Eviscerate‘, a track that certainly follows a similar path to the opener, cementing the notions of the single formula that Van Roy uses to create this darkened, bleak sounding heavy electronica.

My Blasphemy‘ starts off sounding like one of those keyboards that you would be faced with at school, the track doesn’t particularly go anywhere interesting and just kind of peters out into sweet nothingness at around the four minute mark, I only hope that the record doesn’t begin to take the regular ‘downward spiral’ that a lot of full-lengths do…

Four tracks in, we are greeted with ‘Monster‘, a piece that seems to be some sort of strange, bleak love song without sounding, well, any different to anything else that we have already heard on ‘When Evil Speaks‘.

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Attention Whore‘ sounds like it could be an early, less-interesting Marilyn Manson song whilst ‘Repent Or Punish‘ doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, the single formula taking full-swing in the drabbest of fashions, every track seems to be of the same tempo and as of yet, I remain neutral and unexcited with a single shrug of both shoulders.

Maybe it’s the kind of music that would transpire brilliantly in a live environment but listening to ‘When Evil Speaks‘ on record through a laptop and attachable speakers doesn’t really bring much to the table, ‘Time (Rewind)‘ does almost nothing with regards to a change, the entire record seems to remain on one level, never dropping and never picking up.

Song Of No Tomorrow‘ closes ‘When Evil Speaks‘ and by that name, a promising start and a less than uninspiring majority, I think I could quite happily never listen to ‘EBM’ again.


Reviewer: Luke E Davis

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