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Review: Storm Corrosion – Storm Corrosion (Album)

Check out what we thought of Storm Corrosion’s self titled album right here.

Band: Storm Corrosion
Release: Storm Corrosion (Self Titled Album)
Release Date: Out Now

This collaboration between Opeth‘s Michael Akerfeldt and Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree is a hard album to review.

That’s not because it’s bad – not at all, it’s a masterpiece in every sense of the word – but the essence of what the two legendary frontmen have created is so immaculate and excellent that it’s one of those albums that is genuinely difficult to explain. It’s just a fantastic release.

The easiest way of explaining ‘Storm Corrosion’ is to liken it to Opeth, but even then it doesn’t quite cover it. It’s just as ominous and atmospheric as any of Michael Akerfeldt‘s previous releases, but Steven Wilson‘s presence tempers it, adding some seriously sinister undertones to the piano melodies and changing the brooding heaviness of songs like ‘Hag’ from heavy as in metal to heavy as in almost frighteningly intense.

Meanwhile, title track ‘Storm Corrosion’ is nothing short of a beautiful piece of music. It certainly has Akerfeldt‘s trademark length at a solid ten minutes of soft, well-constructed atmospheric instrumental and poetic vocals. If there was ever anyone who denied heavy metal as a form of art, this track would change their minds in a heartbeat.

The album is definitely not for everyone though – with the average track length reaching ten minutes and each song effortlessly mixed into the next, along with some intentionally jarring instrumental interludes, it can seem a bit of a trek to listen to it from start to finish. But once this bizarre, beautiful musical journey gets underway I don’t doubt it could transfix anyone into giving the album a shot.

It’s technically flawless and has a raw, untouched sound a hell of a lot more bands could do with these days – ‘Happy’ is the best example of this. While being the shortest song on the record at five minutes long, their combined voices sound breathtakingly human and the instruments sound as if they’re being played live to a magnificent degree of skill before your very ears.

‘Storm Corrosion’ is, as already stated, a masterpiece – it might not be to everyone’s tastes, but if you’re open-minded about your metal, buy it now.


Reviewer: Laurie HTF

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