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Review: Steel Panther – Just Like Tiger Woods (Single)

Check out Steel Panther’s new single ‘Just Like Tiger Woods’ review here!

Band: Steel Panther
Release: Just Like Tiger Woods (Single)
Release Date: 12th December 2011

Steel Panther are one of the most notorious rock bands of the 21st century. Following the release of their highly rated first album ‘Feel The Steel’ a more offensive and sexist album has been released, ‘Balls Out.’

‘Just Like Tiger Woods’ is just one of many great songs from this album. With battling guitar riffs and head banging beats this song is a song to be played at every house party across the globe. The lyrics are equally as crude and offensive as every other song, guaranteed to make you laugh and pull you out of a bad mood. This is what Steel Panther are all about.

The lyrics “If you don’t golf that’s ok, you can be a tiger anyway, lie through your teeth when things get tough, or your balls are going to end up in the rough” are shocking on a new level, but only Steel Panther can get away with it! Rather than ripping Tiger Woods for his scandalous sex affairs which were made public earlier this year, Steel Panther congratulate him by writing a song about him. And after all, sex is what Steel Panther know best.

‘Balls Out’ was released on October 31st 2011. ‘Just Like Tiger Woods’ was released as a single on December 1st 2011 via Universal Records.

Reviewer: Louisa Smith.

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