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Review: Spineshank – Anger Denial Acceptance (Album)

Spineshank have risen from the ashes to unleash their first studio album since 2003, but does it live up to the hype? Find out here…

Band: Spineshank
Release: Anger Denial Acceptance (Album)
Release Date: 19/06/12

It’s been nine years since the last Spineshank album, ‘Self-Destructive Pattern’, was released on Roadrunner Records. The volatile Los Angeles-born band have been seething away in hiatus only to release this explosive, no-holds barred record in an attempt to remind the world that they’re still very much alive.

This is not the Spineshank of 2003, this is a stripped down, refined and naked metal record that’s screaming for vengeance from the beginning. ‘After The End’ is an encompassing example of just how sharp the band is after their hiatus, packed with anguished screams and bellowing riffs. It’s fast and raw but each song has a lot of weight behind it; title track ‘Anger Denial Acceptance’ in particular expressing how much passion there is behind this album. Despite the breakneck pace kept up through ‘I Want You To Know’ and ‘Murder Suicide’ it has some fragile moments that set it apart from similar recent releases.

The tracks strike like lightning, one after the other, a constant replay of Spineshank’s aggressive message. They seem to want to let the world know that they’re not going anywhere again any time soon, and with this fresh, angry new release, laced with softness and the occasional electro loop, they do an excellent job of it. The only real flaw with this album is that in building themselves back up from scratch, they’ve lost the industrial edge to their metal, which made Spineshank really stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately the concentrated, visceral nature of the band’s violent new direction is more than enough to make up for that, with the album closing on a trilogy of songs spanning a range of styles and influences. ‘God Complex (Anger)’, ‘Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)’, and ‘Exit Wounds (Acceptance)’ add the last few guttural notes to the beginning of an essential metal band’s long awaited revival. Spineshank are still as great as they were when they began, and this new album is the groundwork for many more years of success.


Reviewer: Laurence Braddow




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