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Review: Sound Of Guns – Silicon EP

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Band: Sound Of Guns
Album: Silicon EP
Release: 09.01.12

The much talked about scoucers Sound Of Guns are set to release their latest album ‘Silicon’ after their first album became a big success.

The five-piece band rose to fame after Artic Monkeys legend Mike Crossey produced their single ‘Breakwater’, which came off their first album and got themselves a lot of airplay with BBC radio and a stack of good reviews.

This EP does not fail to deliver the outstanding performance given on their first album.

The first track ‘Godless Rain’ is a smooth and agile song with elegant keys and heart-warming lyrics. This song is sung with powerful emotion and feeling which has beautifully written lyrics. The chorus is climatic and influential. The guitars blend a mixture of soft riffs which complement the use of the piano with a seamless touch.

The guitar riffs in ‘Remember The Empire’ are catchy and bouncy with flawless vocal harmonies backing up the remarkably talented singer Andy Metcalfe who can hold one elongated note effortlessly. ‘So This Is War’ delivers a fast and raunchy beat to it with sing-along lyrics and epic guitar solos.

The song ‘Lightspeed’ really captures the talent of the guitars with fast paced mandolins being used, giving it a more unique sound. The echoic vocals really work with the guitars to add a more traditional effect.

With a jumpy drum and guitar combination overpowering the vocals in ‘106’ this song is all about the attitude. With a raunchy beat this song makes you want to jump up and dance.

‘Collisions’ is a gorgeous acoustic track which really highlights the striking voice of Andy Metcalfe with soulful lyrics that play on the heart strings. This peaceful track is a contrast from the rest of the upbeat tone of the album, but it is a really nice chill out song to play when you need to unwind and relax, but still want to sing-along. The lyrics tell a story in which we can all relate to in one way or another.

The final track ‘Magnesium’ is another bracingly beautiful acoustic track which finished the album on a high with the ambitious power ballad type vocals and the warm lyrics.

The general tone of the album is party! With bouncy beats and sing-along chorus’s mixed with soulful backing vocals that you can’t help but join in with. But it also captures the unique and charismatic voice of Andy Metcalfe spectacularly in the last two acoustic tracks.

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Reviewer: Louisa Smith

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