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Review: Slam Dunk Festival – University of Hertfordshire – 29/05/11

HTF hit up this years Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield last month! Check out what we thought right here….

Event: Slam Dunk Festival
Venue: The University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield
Date: 29th May 2011

Hit The Floor were lucky enough to attend this years Slam Dunk South Festival and what a fantastic day it was! We covered a couple of live performances from a variety of different bands and acts and wanted to share with you all how truly amazing the whole experience was.

Read below for our rendition of this years festival and we hope to see you all again in 2012!

Dance Gavin Dance – Honour Over Glory Stage – Reviewer: Steph Knight

This had to be a band on the line up today that had everyone hyped to see; not only the hundreds of fans attending the festival but most of the bands who were playing today all took time out to watch Dance Gavin Dance. This was their first time at an English festival in their current line up and their third time performing to an English crowd this current week.

Firstly, it was lovely to see a happier Jonny Craig stood on stage; his voice has always been next generation awesome but to see him sing with feeling was a beautiful moment for everyone stood watching today. His vocal range and the grit in his voice is unbelievable, he pounds it out as if he is winning a fight with Mike Tyson. Other front man Jon Mess has exceptional screaming vocals, as always and together they are a match made in musical heaven.

A clear example of this is track ‘Blue Dream’ taken from their newest album ‘Downtown Battle Mountain II’. A track that has four different ways of blowing your face off. Vocals by both Jonny and Jon are obviously unbelievable with insane, mental like drumming in the background like a furious hurricane of noise; then you get shocked when they whack in some dancey, pop like beats that find you popping your collar like Usher! – Amazing!

Dance Gavin Dance have always tipped on brilliance with their unique material but with Jonny Craig back and the line up more tight than ever before they have many praying for them to remain together forever.

Goldfinger – Jagermeister Stage – Reviewer: Chris Hines

Goldfinger have always been a consistently great live band. They know how to entertain and they never fail to do so time and time again. With a packed out Jager Stage they pumped out classic after classic and managed to cover pretty much every album from their career with a set list to die for. ‘Superman’, ‘Spokesman’, ‘Open Your Eyes’, ‘Sam Simeon‘ and their classic cover of Nena’s ’99 Red Balloons’ which all made an appearance among others. From circle pits around the central tent to bassist Charlie jumping into the crowd it was a non stop onslaught of punk rock at its best. Well, expect for the sound cut out during ‘Going Home’ but we will ignore that fact. Awesome from start to finish!

MC Lars – Front Bar – Reviewer: Chris Hines

I have always been amazed at how MC Lars’ nerd infused hip-hop has managed to become such a hit in a scene that really isn’t his. He somehow seems to have captured the hearts of punks, metal heads, ska and emo kids to become an unlikely hero and the turn out today proved his popularity is only getting bigger.

Joined today by Weerd Science, Lars got the crowd jumping and singing along with even the bar staff getting down while pouring pints. Lar’s energy and charisma is defiantly infectious and you can’t help but love the guy. If you get the chance to catch MC Lars live it is definitly worth the effort and I guarantee you will leave a lot of sweat, smiles and swag! Personal highlights, ‘Igenration’ and the awesome ‘Mr Raven’.

InnerPartySystem – Front Bar – Reviewer: Steph Knight

If you needed to make a formula for this American electronica/industrial rock band it would not be very difficult to come up with. Innerpartysystem are wamps plus filthy dubstep, that equal a type of music to send you mentally insane.

Slam Dunk Festival saw them with a DJ set in the Front Bar that unfortunately was not as rammed as this act deserved it to be. Their talent is ridiculously good, as is their set that sent the fans in the room into a two stepping frenzy. A favourite being a remix of their best work from new EP ‘Never Be Content’; that to include ‘American Trash’ and ‘Not Getting Any Better’ which were by far the best eargasms of their entire performance – wow!

HTF urge you check out these guys in action. We promise you a night filled with awesome talent!

Lower Than Atlantis – Kerrang Introducing Stage – Reviewer: Steph Knight

Lower Than Atlantis’ new album ‘World Record’ is probably one of the best albums to come out of A Wolf At Your Door Records. Its unbelievable ability of fierce guitar riffs and overwhelming depth entices its listeners and that was proven today at the completely rammed tight room at this years Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield.

LTA were playing the Kerrang Introducing stage but not one person needed to be introduced to this band as every single voice in that stupidly small room knew every lyric to their entire set list. You cannot help but consider how perhaps they deserved a higher credit on the festival bill as it was impossible to move or breathe in that room. This however did not stop front man Mike Duce from hurling himself into the crowd at any given opportunity. A true musical gem to be reckoned with!

Yashin – Honour Over Glory Stage – Reviewer: Steph Knight

This band has been rolling around for a few years now and they proved themselves worthy of the reputation they have earned at this years Slam Dunk Festival. They played tracks from their full-length album ‘Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them’, which seemed to go down well with every body in the Honour of Glory tent that afternoon. We were also treated with a classic from their older EP ‘Miles Away But Getting Closer’ that came in the form of ‘My Hyde’.

Their set list was perhaps not as long as others would have hoped for, as tracks such as ‘Dirty Slut’ and their cover of Britney Spear’s track ‘Everytime’ were not played but never the less they produced an epic sound. They smashed everyone’s expectations and shocked the crowd as they chucked themselves into a sea of hands from the sound systems – Mentalists!

We Are The Ocean – Honour Over Glory Stage – Reviewer: Steph Knight

We Are The Ocean have been the band on everyone’s lips of late. Their new album ‘Go Now and Live’ is no doubt one of the best releases to have come out of 2011 so far for both fans, critics and music lovers alike. So as they opened with their belting release ‘What It Feels Like’ everyone stood and packed in to the Honour Of Glory tent this evening knew they were in for a treat.

Their set list was an unbelievable We Are The Ocean formula of exceptional and enchanting music; it being impossible to single out one track and declaring it as the best of the night. Every single one that was played to their audience was adored as lyrics were belted out by both fans, leading man Dan Brown and guitarist Liam Cromby as they sang their hearts out.

A highlight of the evening being Dan’s reaction to a fight that broke out in the crowd, ‘buy some merch on you way out guys’ – Amazing!

After performing at this festival four years in a row, it was obvious that this year is by far their best. What with a headlining slot, a tent full of idolizing bodies and a new album with enough passion to send its listener into a frenzy of eargasms. We Are The Ocean are arguably one of Britain’s finest but definitely should be respected by all regardless; they were a fantastic experience to witness and a prodigious end to one of the best festivals this year.

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