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Review: Skrillex & Damian “Jr.Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem After Hours (Remixes) EP

Skrillex and Damian are back with Make It Bun Dem After Hours (Remixes) EP. Crack open the Red Stripe, and let’s see what go on!

Artist; Skrillex & Damian “Jr.Gong” Marley

Release: Make It Bun Dem After Hours (Remixes) EP

Release Date: Out Now

Remember back May 2012, we all had dreams of a long hot summer full of Diamond Jubilee, Olympic goodness? And, our dawg Skrillex released a track with Damian Marley which was going to be the soundtrack to that, however it’s now September and we never did get our summer and to make up for that Skrillex and Damian are back with Make It Bun Dem After Hours (Remixes) EP. Crack open the Red Stripe, and let’s see what go on!

Make It Bun Dem After Hours (Remixes) EP, does what it says on the tin, it’s an EP made up of remixes of the track Make It Bun Dem grabbing some rising star of the EDM world and wanging them all together, first to be wanged is Culprate. He twists the dubstep genre and throws in some glitch hop to the mix, one, if to the most original track of the track on here. Brodinski is next up, taking it into more of a electro house arena, the one hell of a build up is only matched by the drop that followed, while I can’t see it’s place on a normal night out, I wish I could.  French Fries drift a little in to euro tech house with their take, and only using a very little sample from the original track, simple yet very affective. David Heartbreak doesn’t just break your heart with his remix, he breaks your face. It’s an all out assault on the senses and yes there are air horns! Flinch takes a very minimal house path which makes it the calmest and dare I say it, relaxing a far cry from the original. But the calm ocean doesn’t last long as the final track on the EP is Alvin Risk a fellow Owsla signing and the highlight of the EP, while it does feel more mainstream than the rest, it shows off his talents and not the that of Skrillex. This feels like it’s Alvin’s track.

Overall a great EP, however, don’t listen to it all at once that will make you a little crazy as all together the tracks do get very samey. But what do you expect it is the same track!


Make It Bun Dem After Hours (Remixes) EP is out now from Owsla and is available on download from all good websites.

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