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Review: Skrillex- Bangarang (EP)

Skrillex is back but has he kept the same outstanding standard as his last EP? Find out here!

Artist: Skrillex

Release: Bangarang

Skrillex better known to myself and the rest of the ex emo crowd as Sonny Moore who I have admired, idolised and worshipped since his early from First to Last days. Sonny has had an awesome year going from underground LA DJ to King of EDM with a huge 5 Grammy nominations and millions of fans worldwide. His past EPs have single handedly managed to crash the music site and he is set to do it all over again with his latest EP; ‘Bangarang’.

Sonny has made a huge impact on my life since he started out and because of that I don’t think this review is going to be very impartial but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. His music, both in From First To Last and as Skrillex has helped me become a better artist, musician and person. I can’t not speak highly enough of him. I have also been lucky enough to meet with him, and even hit the decks with him in Bristol a few weeks back. So, let’s see if I taught him well.

As Sonny himself says ‘Bangarang’ flows so well it’s designed to be listened to, if you pardon the pun, From First To Last. As first track ‘Right In’ hits the nail on the head, which it is kind of it’s job, grabbing you and throwing you in at the deep end. If anyone has seen him live, this track is already one of his staples in his live shows. It takes a simple vocal sample mixes with a huge build up, a classic Skrillex style.

The title track ‘Bangarang’ which like the EP itself is named after the Battle cry of the Lost Boys in the movie Hook. The track is typical Skrillex, talking bass, heavy drops, and made with love. While the track has strength and rightfully earns it’s place on the EP. I feel it’s too similar to the rest of ‘Bangarang’ and needs to be a little stronger as it’s one of the big guns. It took me a few plays to even start to like it but give it time, it’s a grower not a shower!

‘Breakn’ A Sweat’, a song which Sonny has done with none other than The Doors is my current obsession plus is by far the standout track of ‘Bangarang’. I can’t fault it. Nor sum it up in words. It features a sample from an interview with Jim Morrison where he predicts the birth of electronic music. INSANE!

‘The Devil’s Den’, features one of the biggest names in electronic music, ‘Wolfgang Gartner’. With it’s simple hook and hard drop, on paper, it should work yet I feel that Sonny has fallen in to the repetitive trap here, when this has been played live the track is only used for around 2 minutes which is perfect any longer, it’s dull. Maybe like ‘Bangarang’, this could be a grower!

This EP is made up of tracks that have been played live on Skrillex’s Mothership Tour, apart from one track. ‘Right On Time’. Which for me is one of the highlights of ‘Bangarang’, mainly because it’s a completely new Skrillex track unheard by human ears. It slays me, the track speeds up over the course of its progression, slowly getting more and more, stopping just before it gets too much!

‘Kyoto’ is the second track on ‘Bangarang’ to feature Sirah, a female artist from California. This one feels different with it’s swearing, rapping and Skrillex name checks also it has some very unsettling drops. But it all comes together in another earth shattering anthem. “Yo Skrill, Drop it hard.”

Last but not least Skrilly brings out the big guns, well Ellie Goulding who judging by Twitter is his little crush. Both combine in a epic mix of pop house and chilling dubstep beats. I want to leave some things as a surprise so I won’t delve too deep into this one.

All in all, this man can do no wrong, ‘Bangarang’ is epic and one of the greatest Christmas gifts I have ever had and one of my favorate albums of 2011. But, if you don’t like Sonny. This man can do no right.

‘Bangarang’ is out now on the label Big Beat and is available now from Beatport and coming soon to iTunes plus will have a physical realise in January 2012

Reviewer: Danny Atticus

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