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Review: Silverstein – Short Songs (EP)

Silverstein release their new EP @Short Songs’, check out what HTF thought right here..

Band: Silverstein
Release: Short Songs (EP)

Whilst being known for their brand of sing-a-little/scream-a-little post hardcore, Silverstein have gone on record for years citing their influences, with live covers of bands like NOFX and The Promise Ring being incorporated into their sets, it is perhaps no surprise that they would release an EP in homage to their predecessors. With the entire EP clocking in at around just over 18 minutes spread over 22 tracks (eleven originals and eleven covers), they certainly weren’t joking when naming it ‘Short Songs‘ either.

Thanks to the concise nature of this EP, the songs really don’t have a chance to drag on longer than necessary; this is exemplified by lead single ‘Brookfield‘, which is as to the point as Silverstein have ever been, no overuse of a chorus and not a pace killing bridge in sight. This is a very welcome change from previous release ‘Rescue‘, which contained a fair few tracks that outstayed their welcome just a little.

Another highlight is ‘One Last Dance‘, this song is vintage Silverstein and at only a minute and a half, it is probably the perfect taster track for someone who wanted to know what the band were all about. This and a few others on the record could have easily been on any of their previous five albums. It will please long time fans greatly to see that the band can still find a way to make themselves sound relevant whilst staying true to the sound that made them popular in the mid 00’s.

Heavier tracks such as opener, ‘Sick As Your Secrets‘, show the band at their most aggressive and raw, a perfect way to set the tone for what’s to come and probably the best display of the hardcore influences that they go on to cover directly in the second half of the EP.

Purists of hardcore will probably not take too kindly to what could (and probably will) be described as an ’emo’ band covering legends such as Dead Kennedys and Orchid but it has to be said that Silverstein do quite well with their covers, even if it is easily the weaker half of the EP.

Fans of the band will not want to miss this and newcomers might find the concise nature more accessible than previous releases. Either way, it’s a solid EP that shows Silverstein have still got it and an insight into the bands that influenced them in the first place.

Reviewer: Ryan De Freitas

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