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Review: Rough Hands (EP)

Check out our thoughts on the new EP from hardcore punks Rough Hands!

Band: Rough Hands
Release: Rough Hands
Release Date: Out Now!

With only ten minutes on their new  EP, Rough Hands are nothing if not concise. The South London graffiti lovers get straight down to business. Distorted screams from vocalist Alex Dench and shuddering guitar riffs draw you in from the first note. ‘Dilute’ pauses only for a moment halfway through, before tearing relentlessly into the final crashing sounds.

Next up is ‘Maledictus’, which is sure to inspire a few moshpits in the bands live shows.  The shortest piece, standing at 1:23, its almost a case of blink-and-you’ve-missed-it, but its a track which really comes into its own after a few good listens.

‘Toska’ really stretches Dench‘s vocals chords, almost to breaking point. Its a barrage of hate-fuelled screaming, broken up by some Nirvana-esque melodies midway before returning to the heavy guitar riffs that dominate this EP.

The last song on this too-short EP is by far the strongest. ‘Spite’ is the only track to include a distinguishable chorus, a pulsating build up of mettalic guitar riffs that provide a welcome breather and build more depth to the band’s overall sound.

Rough Hands definitely cram as much passion as they can into the brief few minutes they have on the EP. Its definitely one for the hardcore punk fans, but those with a lighter taste might struggle to hold their attention.


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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