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Review: Page 44 – All That Changes, Stays The Same (Album)

Winner’s of 2011’s Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition were Page 44 and finally they’ve released their debut full length album. Click here to check out what HTF made of it.

Page 44Band: Page 44
All That Changes, Stays The Same (Album)
Release Date:
Out Now

Since their Red Bull Bedroom Jam win in 2011 Page 44 have come a long way. They’ve completed their own headline tour and even played Wembley Arena supporting The All American Rejects. As a band they’ve been together for almost nine years: an eternity in band years. But finally the time has come for the Birmingham lads to release their debut full length release in the form of ‘All That Changes, Stays The Same’ and we know what you might be thinking ‘Oh no not another pop-punk band’ but this is an idea which shouldn’t even enter your brain. Brace yourselves!

The album is ten tracks of pure pop-punk not deviating far from the traditional format of big belting catchy chorus and bouncy instrumentals. Everything we were expecting! The tracks are beautifully made and you’ll probably listen to the album like us with an air of familiarity, it isn’t hard to digest or difficult to take in. It’s a great easy listen.

Opener ‘Growing Pains’ has all the toe tapping qualities you’d expect from a track of this genre, the relentless groove running throughout will get you bouncing in your seat. With dual fronting vocals from not one but two Adam’s, the vocals are consistent and soar at points throughout the album. There are some points where the tempo drops and you can relax a little such as ‘Now That We’re Older’ where the dual vocals mixing the higher soaring vocals with the deeper lower tones works perfectly and makes the track sound huge.

Plenty of the tracks are fully formed pop-punk belters and would not sound out of place on most radio stations, they’re the sort of inoffensive sing-a-long tracks that almost everyone can enjoy. ‘Answers’ is a perfect example of this with compelling verses and a big catchy chorus that we’re sure all the crowd would be singing live whether they’d heard it before or not. Guaranteed you’ll be singing along with “We’re looking for the answers/To the questions in your mind/We’re looking for the answers/When there is no reason to/We’re looking for the answers/Wondering what we’re gonna find” before the end is out!

Putting acoustic track ‘Hide and Seek’ at the end is the only questionable thing we’d comment about the album, it would have worked a lot better in the middle letting a heavier bouncier track close the album, but that’s no complaint on the track itself.

Pop-punk is a genre that is inherently hard to produce anything that’s totally different or not sounding like every other band out there. The formula for these bands set about years ago is hard to break past and whilst every track on this album is fantastic it isn’t anything completely different so we’re hoping that this doesn’t mean Page 44 fade into the background. They deserve an awful lot more.

Page 44 have spent years working hard to produce an album of this quality and they should be proud of what they have achieved.


Reviewer: Rhian Westbury

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