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Review: Nightblade – Servant To Your Lair

Check out what Hit The Floor thinks of Nightblade’s latest album ‘Servant To Your Lair’ here!

Band: Nightblade
Album: Servant To Your Lair
Released: 17.12.11

Brummy British metal band Nightblade are a hard hitting thrash band with an Iron Maiden influence that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Their latest album ‘Servant To Your Lair’ makes you feel like you should be standing on a hill, wearing a bathrobe, holding a spear and getting ready to launch into battle. Their fast and powerful guitar licks are complimented by the soulful sound of vocalist Mark Crosby.

The album kicks off to a spooky start with their first track Helloween’s ghostly intro, followed by the more down to earth ‘Suspended Reality’  with heart felt lyrics. The highlight of the album has to be the third track ‘Under The Lights’ which kicks off with a classic thrash metal growl and deep raunchy guitar riffs. ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and ‘No Submission’ also deliver a generic thrashy sound with fast punchy drum beats and melodic guitars.

After a grouling start it’s time to slow things down with an epic power ballad. ‘Where you’ve started from’ is a beautiful song with strong expressive lyrics that capture Mark’s beautiful deep voice sounding remarkably like James Hetfield crossed with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger.

If you like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Megadeth you may want to check this album out! With a generous 12 tracks it is definitely an album worth buying.

Preview and purchase the album here:

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