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Review: Night Verses – Lift Your Existence (Album)

US rockers Night Verses have released their debut album ‘Lift Your Existence’. Find out what we thought of it here!

Band: Night Verses
Release: Lift Your Existence (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Having been in existence for just a year, US rockers Night Verses have a remarkably developed sound. It must be the sheer ambition that fuels their energetic, but equally polished hard rock sound that dominates this record.

Kicking off what already promises to be an outstanding record, Night Verses have a brief post-hardcore inspired moment with the energetic ‘Introducing: The Rot Under The Sun‘.

The eponymously titled ‘Rage‘ is one of the heaviest tracks of the record, though. It barely pauses for breath, delivering seething vocal lines and cutting riffs throughout. After the long-intros of the early tracks, ‘Time Erases Time‘ wastes no seconds to tear into the angst-filled screaming.

Mosquito-esque whirring signifies the start of ‘Antidepressants‘, it is painful on the ears in places but not for the excellently delivered thrashing rather more for the high-pitched noise that may have been better left at the song’s introduction. Before coming to a close on their more trademark grungy-hard rock sound on ‘Parasomnia‘.

Veering on the edge of grunge, ‘Blind Lighthouse‘ channels the likes of Pearl Jam to create an eerie, but very listenable tale of deception. ‘Elucidation‘ moves into more metal territories, melodic verses seep into heavy-set choruses with synthed-out guitars.

Winding down the album off with a riff that any post-hardcore band would be proud of, ‘Altimeter‘ tears into its screaming chorus, the growling only strengthened by the sleek, echoing backing vocals.

Lift Your Existence‘ is a good, solid album which is a pretty impressive feat for such a young band. Its clear that they’ve already honed their skills in songwriting and have their sights set on their future. A little more variety in the tracks wouldn’t go amiss, but Night Verses are clear contenders for the future of the hard-rock scene.


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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