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Review: Nickelback – Here And Now (Album)

Check out Nickelback’s new album ‘Here And Now’ review here!

Band: Nickelback
Release: Here And Now (Album)

Now at number 1 on the BBC UK Top 40 is the phenomenal new album from Nickelback, ‘Here And Now.’

Nickelback are well-known for their grungy, heavy party anthems, but ‘Here And Now’ consists of a more meaningful track lists with slow pop ballads.

 ‘When We Stand Together’ tells a story of war, suffering and poverty. Chad Kroegar’s guttural yet powerful voice blasts out heart felt lyrics “there’s bullets flying through the air, and we still carry on” over warm guitars and a catchy drum beat.

This striking ballad plays on the heart strings and the message is simple. Not to their usual style of heavy beats and energetic party anthems such as ‘Rock Stars’ and ‘Animals’ from their former album ‘All The Right Reasons.’ Nickelback have experimented with strings and pianos to create a more meaningful and memorable record and have done it successfully.

‘When We Stand Together’ was released as a single on September 26th along with ‘Bottom’s Up’ which also comes off the new album.

‘Trying Not To Love You’ is another beautifully written ballad on the album. This song is the kind of song, everyone can relate too. This is the kind of song, which will bring you out of a bad place after getting your heart broken.

But don’t worry fans, it’s not all slow heartbreak songs, ‘Bottom’s Up’ is a classic heavy rock out song about partying and drinking. The heavy guitar riffs and the shouty lyrics hammering into your brains. “Drinkin’ every drop until it all runs out, another round, fill her up, hammer down, grab a cup, bottoms up!”, tells everyone what rock n’ roll is all about.

With a balanced mix and match of ballads and anthems this album deserves the recognition they deserve. Each song has been skilfully crafted with sing-a-long choruses which make Nickelback so unforgettable.

Reviewer: Louisa Smith

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