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Review: Neon Windbreaker – New Sky (EP)

Have a look at what we thought of Neon Windbreaker’s fast and furious EP New Sky here.

Artist: Neon Windbreaker
Release: New Sky (EP)
Release Date: Out now!

It’s always refreshing to find a group that are just completely comfortable with their sound and attitude, and the most recent of these types to come along is Neon Windbreaker. Hailing from Canada, they’ve put forth a no-bollocks, straight to the point EP called New Sky. But as great as that attitude is, have they let it get in the way of making a stand-out release?

Totalling just over seven minutes in length, it’s safe to say we were expecting five high octane tracks that pack a punch and make an impression. Well, we were left satisfied at least. Gritty guitars open the Pixies-esque titular track ‘New Sky’ and introduce us to the band’s moody and raucous style. They carry on in this fashion, thrashing, screaming and shouting their way through the remaining four tracks, all of which are impressive at best.

This really is a “blink and you’ll miss it” release, which could be both a blessing and a curse. It means you’re kept on your toes and your ears remained pricked up, but just as you really get into a track (for us this was ‘Nails’, which is just packed to the minute and 34 second point with raw passion and aggression), it’s gone. It’s almost distracting how fast the EP flies and actually quite maddening. Yes, these guys like to play aggressive tracks hard and fast, but we think some of these tracks don’t even have enough time to get us hooked. A darned shame.

Within such a short space of time, Neon Windbreaker needed to offer us something amazing to make a lasting impression, and it’s sad to say that they haven’t done so. What we are left with is five mediocre tracks that’ll probably be skipped whenever iTunes is on shuffle.


Reviewer: Freya Cochrane

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