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Review: Mother Mother – The Stand (Single)

We check out the latest single from Canadian Indie/pop band Mother Mother!

Artist: Mother Mother
Release: The Stand (Single)

Canadian indie rockers Mother Mother are due to release their third album ‘Eureka’ on the 2nd of May and I have just had the pleasure of listening to the first release from the album entitled ‘The Stand’.

After reading reviews about this song online, I saw quite a lot of people quick to jump on the hate band wagon but I have to stop and wonder what for? Do these people not appreciate a good bit of indie pop that comes their way or has the world sunk into a depression? This song is fabulous and is great fun to listen to. At certain points of the song I guess you could call it cheesy but the beat is enticing, and once I played it I knew this was going to be in my Ipod favourites playlist for a while.

‘The Stand’ has a very interesting story line. The story is an imaginary conversation between a man and two young school girls he meets in a bar. The lyrics start with ‘Tell me your weakness, Oh I keep it a secret, Oh come on just one vice, Ok it’s vodka on ice. But then there’s women on bikes, or just the women who straddle. Oh now you are a handful. I forgot about handfuls’. Its easy to tell from the start the song has sexual orientation to it but it works really well and I found the lyrics interesting as well as catchy. The end of the song does take a darker turn when lead singer Ryan Guldemond sings ‘Everyone’s fucked and they don’t even know’ followed by a slightly sinister, flat laugh.

Ryan has the most interesting and enjoyable voice to listen too. Although he and the band are Canadian, I cant help but think how he sounds fairly English in this track. The female vocals in the song were very high pitched which I found rather annoying but it did makes sense as they are trying to portray the image of young school girls in our heads. The vocals on the chorus are a collective of the band and it sounds great and easily maintains its up beat chirpy sound which I cant get enough of.

All in all I loved this song and found it interesting and refreshing and I would urge anyone who likes their indie pop to give it a spin.

Reviewer: Cassie Crue

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