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Review: Millionaires Ft. Jeffree Star – Catch Me If You Can (Single)

Millionaires and Jeffree Star on one track? This could go terribly wrong! Lets find out…

Artist: Millionaires Ft. Jeffree Star
Release: Catch Me If You Can (Single)

Californian electro pop duo Millionaires have teamed up with Jeffree Star to create a track that will have us all dancing. Millionaires who formed in 2007 have brought us a variety of hits but the controversy surrounding their lyrics never fails to be a top subject. Through out all the bands EP’s the lyrics have had references to alcohol, sex and notoriously use swear words, but lets be honest i quite like my fair share of dirty electro pop and im certainly not phased by the lyrics used in the songs its all good fun. I believe the music made by Millionaires certainly was not wrote for the young and innocent, but i also believe their music is not to be taken too seriously. Music is a form of expression and it shouldn’t be policed!

Jeffree star who features in ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is another major candidate for outlandish music promoting so called bad lifestyles, but once again I must disagree as a huge Jeffree Star fan I think the music is fun and playful. The track is very upbeat and opens with a high pitch electro tune. The song is easily identifiable as Millionaires as this kind of Euro pop style seems to fit all of their music. The lyrics seem a lot more serious than what they normally go for but it fits really well and makes the track just as enjoyable. I also couldn’t help but notice how well produced this song is and is tall climb from the days where the band started out using the program Garageband at home.

The song is really up beat and catchy and I would be lying if I said I haven’t been singing along! This track is definitely something I would ask all electro pop lovers to give a listen because both the Millionaires and Jeffree Star tend to get pretty addictive. Ten out of ten!

Reviewer: Cassie Crue

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