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Review: Middle Class Rut – All Walks Of Life (Single)

Name: Middle Class Rut
Release: All Walks Of Life (Single)
Release Date: 02 Oct 2009

Label: Bright Antenna

Middle Class Rut is a Sacramento duo from California whose own highly personal and intimate style of alternative rock echoes the lyrical intensity of Oasis, the hammering rhythmic grit of Rage Against the Machine and the anthemic punk sound of The Distillers.

The lead singer has so much resemblance in his voice to Liam Gallagher its hard to not think of anything else throughout the four and a half minutes. The riffs and drum beats are simple but catchy. At the beginning, and through-out the first verse, they seem to fit in the indie genre of things, matching my thought of the Oasis feel to their music, but then the lead singer screams a few lyrics midway through and then you know soon a punk frenzy is going to be unleashed.

It takes a while but eventually after an amazing instrumental part the backbone of the record is discharged. The middle and end being the best bit in my opinion and clearly, at last, makes it interesting and fun to listen to.

Finally we have a good guitar and drum duo on the scene!! This single is sure to help them on their certain success path in the future.

Reviewer: Steph Knight

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