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Review: Mayday Parade – Mayday Parade (Album)

We reviewed the new offering from Mayday Parade. Check out what we thought of their new album here..

Band: Mayday Parade
Release: Mayday Parade
Release Date: 05/03/2012

This is Mayday Parade‘s third full-length album, and their first self-titled. It’s much the same as the previous two (‘A Lesson in Romantics’ and ‘Anywhere But Here’): they are still pouring out glorious emotions through immaculate-sounding music. Frontman Derek Sanders still has the most sugary sweet voice in pop punk, and their songs are still beautiful. Not much has changed aurally in the Mayday Parade camp, and for this we should be thankful, because it sounds wonderful.

‘Mayday Parade’ is probably slightly more of a grower than the previous two which were more immediate, but after a couple of listens, it hits you right in the heart and the ears simultaneously. Opener ‘Oh Well, Oh Well’ begins with an air of melancholy and then progresses into sickeningly catchy and upbeat pop punk. There are some definite hits on here: the album’s standout track is probably ‘You’re Dead Wrong’, but honestly, all the tracks are pretty brilliant in their own right.

Mayday Parade have always had those emotional songs that tug at the heartstrings, but it seems like there might be something darker at work here. The last few tracks of the album are pretty emotional – ‘Everything’s An Illusion’ contains the lyrics “A mother shouldn’t witness her son die at 24”. It’s an absolutely heartbreaking song, but as a tribute, it’s beautiful. It makes your heart feel as if it might just go ahead and explode.

To conclude, ‘Mayday Parade’ is an absolute joy of an album. Every song is fantastic in its own right, and it has an excellent mixture of upbeat pop punk songs and songs that make you feel like your heart is going to explode with joy or sorrow. If you want to feel something, it’s fully recommended. The Floridian five-piece should be proud of themselves.

Reviewer: Lais MW

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