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Review: Marmozets – Vexed (EP)

See what we thought of Marmozets’ hotly anticipated Vexed EP.

Band: Marmozets
Release: Vexed
Release Date: 06/02/12

Picking up pretty much where they left off, this EP opens with ‘Onemanwolfpack‘ which is born of the same incredibly undefinable originality that everyone fell in love with in the first place. This is a trend that, thankfully, the band don’t stray from over the course of the EP.

From start to finish this record flows with bizarre brilliance, littered with the same unhinged aggression that fans of the band have grown to love. Some incredible instrumental work, and not in the 20 minute masturbatory guitar solo sense, it’s a subtle display of technicality with changing time structures, mathy hardcore riffs and undeniable cohesiveness from the first note to the last.

A special mention must be given to vocalist, Becca Macintyre, for another outstanding display on every track. From the almost unsettling screams on ‘Duels‘ to the haunting display on ‘Arrive Alive’, it’s clear that we’re not dealing with a typical frontwoman in any way, shape or form. She is an integral piece of the complex puzzle that makes up Marmozets‘ sound.

All in all, Marmozets are an utterly unique entity and they are in fine form with their first two releases. There’s no doubt that the band are continuing on their warpath and are undoubtedly destined for massive things this year, expect to hear much, much more from this band before the end of 2012.

Reviewer: Ryan De Fraitas

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