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Review: Major League – Hard Feelings (Album)

If anyone thought pop punk music was dead they better think again as New Jersey based Major League have released their debut album. Click here to check out what HTF thought of it.

Band: Major League
Release: Hard Feelings (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Do you remember a time where rock music wasn’t just breakdowns every thirty seconds? There was a time, many years ago where pop-punk bands were everywhere: Blink 182, New Found Glory and The Wonder Years to name a few. Bands that seemed like they were genuinely having the time of their lives. Well Major League have produced the sort of album which may make you feel that you’re in a parrallel universe where pop-punk is top of the musical tree.

Over the past year New Jersey pop punk band Major League have worked their arses off, releasing an EP and two singles alongside relentless touring but now the time has come for them to reel out a debut full length to cement their place in the musical world. And my what a debut it is. Whilst listening to the album it’s hard to pin point exactly why this band are so great, the music they play doesn’t obviously bring anything different to the genre table, yet it doesn’t just sound like a regurgitated version of their peers.

‘Hard Feelings’ begins in the way every pop punk record should with a minute long fast paced, energetic track (which also happens to be the title track) it shows that pop punk music hasn’t just faded away from our memories. Lead single ‘Walk Away’ is the traditional story of relationship problems as Nick Trask sings “I never thought I’d hear you say/If you loved me you would let me go” over crunchy fast paced guitar chords. It’s this sort of catchy chorus which will get drilled into your brain. ‘Nightmares’ is certainly one of the massive highlights on the album coming in at a hefty four and a half minutes. But that’s four and a half minutes of pure ecstasy which then crashes into ‘Arrows Crossed’ a meatier track which begins with deep bass chords it will get your heart working on overtime.

Even if pop punk isn’t your usual taste in music give this album a go and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. But if pop punk is your music of choice then get ready to jump around your bedroom like an escaped convict on acid, you’ll want to bang your head till it falls off and dance until your feet hurt! All that we can hope for is Major League to make the trek across the atlantic to join us here in the UK!


Reviewer: Rhian Westbury

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