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Review: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – Invivo (Exvivo) (Album)

See what we thought of The Last Ten Seconds of Life’s sophomore album.

Band: The Last Ten Seconds of Life
Release: Invivo (Exvivo)
Release Date: 20th January

Pennsylvania death-core band The Last Ten Seconds of Life formed in 2010 with the sole purpose to create music unleashing their wrath. The four-piece waste no time in showing you what they have to offer on their new album. Right from the very first note, ‘Invivo (Exvivo)’ is an album of pure hatred and aggression. Opening track ‘Fertile Steps’ basically explodes into your eardrums. Vocalist Storm Strope‘s demonic growls roar out anguished lyrics that stand out through the intense instrumentals. The songs crash from one into another, seemingly like a 40 minute song instead of a ten track album.

Single ‘Numbskull’ is a collection of breakdown upon breakdown, which does little to stand out from the rest of the record. Followed by ‘The Face’, another example of how The Last Ten Seconds of Life presents their brutality right off the bat. Amidst the searing vocals, there are short instances of lyrics being whispered out: “The darkest corners only exist in your mind”, creating an eerie spine-chilling atmosphere. The break from blood curdling shrieking is present throughout the entire record, with several parts of songs being spoken out instead.

As the album nears its end, ‘Skeletal’ appears as yet another stand out track. Strope displays a strong range of ways he can gargle out the hate-filled lyrics. Though the tempo is relatively slower, it has a way of piercing straight through the listener’s heart, like a beast slowly creeping onto its prey.

In its entirety, ‘Invivo (Exvivo)’ is a powerful record filled with bitter lyrics made even better by its crushing vocals. If there were any album with the power to exorcise your demons, this would be it.


Reviewer: Santhi Weiss

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