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Review: Kopek – White Collar Lies (Album)

Kopek’s debut album finally made it to Europe! Check out what we thought about White Collar Lies inside.

Band: Kopek
Release: White Collar Lies (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Irish hard rockers Kopek finally bring the thunder to Europe with the release of ‘White Collar Lies’, having made it big in America with Century Media behind them.

The album has indeed been a long time coming to these shores but it’s easy to see how this band has done so well so far. ‘White Collar Lies’ is an exemplary fusion of classic and modern rock with some punk riffs thrown in for good measure, and as it starts with ‘Love is Dead’, a good old fashioned rock anthem, the stage is set for a an energised record which improves with every listen.

Years of relentless touring have no doubt shaped this record into the distorted, creative beast it is, approaching rock’n’roll from a straightforward everyman perspective rather than a super-glam, lifestyle-heavy approach.

You’re guaranteed to have a great time listening to this record. It has a classic bluesy rock drawl mixed with modern rock punch and bombastic vocals singing out choruses made for arenas, the perfect record to have blaring out of a car full volume on a hot summer day. Title track ‘White Collar Lies’ is a moving and powerfully down to earth song about the trials of the common soldier with the slightest hint of Rise Against prevalent in Daniel Jordan‘s unique vocals.

The album can occasionally dip into pop elements but doesn’t really suffer for it, although this is possibly the weaker point of the album as it only distracts from the inspired rhythmic rock that dominates tracks like ‘Love Sick Blues’ and ‘Bring it on Home’. If the band had applied a little tighter focus to the flow of the album it wouldn’t have been a problem at all.

‘White Collar Lies’ is bursting with a new, raw sound that has plenty for everyone, regardless of how you like your rock. If you like your music heartfelt, melodic and heavy in all the right places, you may have just found your new favourite band.


Reviewer: Laurence Stark

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