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Review: Koan Sound – The Adventures of Mr. Fox EP

The Adventures of Mr. Fox is Koan Sounds new EP and it’s just landed. So it’s time to rep our local dawgs and rip open these said adventures.

Artist: Koan Sound

Release: The Adventures of Mr. Fox

Realese Date: Out Now (Beatport) Mid Sept (iTunes)

Koan Sound are two very awesomely rad lads from Bristol right here in the UK who have exploded  after winning Best Breakthrough Artist at the Dubstep Music Awards at the end of last year, and after touring for most of the year their new EP The Adventures of Mr. Fox has just landed. So it’s time to rep our local dawgs and rip open these said adventures.

Koan Sound who, in our eyes are the lords of glitch hop certainly show what they are made of with this EP, kicking off with 80’s Fitness which has been getting alot of airplay on Radio 1 and it’s easy to see why, from it’s funky sample and overall feel to it’s catchy synths you’ll be going wild in the aisles when this track hit’s your earphones and as much as I say it, one of my tracks of the year! Eastern Thug is Koan Sound’s trump card, showing you why glitch hop is their house! Soothing you with it’s build then smacking you with the breakdown! Here is something I’d never thought I’d say, Sly Fox is a jazzy little number. Using samples that wouldn’t feel out of place on TV drama Mad Men. Those Sly Fox’s do keep the surprises coming.  Introvert is the last original track on the EP and I think all we can say is now. The production of this track is insane, having you the feel of sitting on a beach at sunset watching sunbeams bounce of the water. Dream like!

The last few tracks on the EP are remixes, which we are going to leave as a surprise for you, and boy are you in for a treat!


The Adventures of Mr. Fox is one hell of an EP from the dizzying highs of 80’s Fitness, to the chilled lows of Introvert. Everyone must own this so cheers to Koan Sound’s bright future who have many a UK date coming up next being Bestival this weekend.

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