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Review: The Kerrang Tour With Limp Bizkit, Brixton Academy – 21/02/14

Brixton riots all over again, at the Kerrang! Tour.

Artist : Limp Bizkit
Supports : Crossfaith, Nekrogoblikon, Baby Godzilla
Venue : Brixton Academy, London
Date : 21/02/14

It seems that every year, the Kerrang Tour ends up selling out and becoming vastly bigger than the previous year. So it was a no brainer that when back in 2013, Limp Bizkit were announced as the headliner for this very tour, that it would sell out pretty quick. Tonight lays testament to this as what is evident at a sold out Brixton Academy, is that there will be nothing less than pure carnage.

Starting pretty early at 7.15pm are Baby Godzilla, who appear to have not just been turning the heads of fans but also band and industry figures as well! These guys are ferocious, unhinged and purely an entity of their very own, who will not bow down to any form of bullshit that stands in their way. For those witnessing the band in their live element, they are jaw dropped and mind blown. Keep an eye on this lot, they are truly one of the most out there, visceral, and quite frankly brilliant UK bands out right now.

Next up are everyone’s new favourite metal jokers Nekrogoblikon, who provide an amusingly fun-fuelled set of barking mad, technical metal and electro tinged mayhem. Lead vocalist Scorpion leading the fray and keeping the energy high with his spot on vocals, and John Goblikon causing all sorts of mischief all over the stage provide for an extra little element of humour to proceedings. Crowd participation at first is sparse, but towards the end of their set you can tell that the crowd have really warmed to them. Job done!

The main support on this bill are the fast-rising Japanese electro-metal crew Crossfaith. These dudes have more than earned their keep, and by tonight’s performance, it looks like they are ready to excel on to a whole new level of fame. Generally speaking, Crossfaith are probably the finest export to come out of Japan since the likes of the brilliant yet often overlooked The Mad Capsule Markets, and Mono.

Every single member of this band has an enigmatic quality to them which radiates when they fully divulge in to their element. Crossfaith’s music hits hard, but when it does – and especially when they play a wicked cover of The Prodigy’s ‘Omen’, the place REALLY starts to fire up. 2014 will definitely see the further rise of this most promising and quality group, do not be surprised if Crossfaith will be a household name in the very near future!

Now it is time for the headliner, Limp Bizkit. The last time this writer saw the band live was when they performed at the HMV Forum in an extra special intimate surrounding. Never really thinking that the energy level could be topped. Oh how that was about to change…

Arriving a tiny bit late, but to a wonderfully glow in the dark Hawaiian themed stage set up, Wes Borland plays an amusing intro on a ukelele, whilst looking like some kind of macabre 50’s themed character from Spongebob Squarepants. Then once that has finished… all hell breaks loose. The pits are abound with absolute non-stop mayhem.

Limp Bizkit play a varied set tonight, with a handful of shortened covers such as ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, ‘Creeping Death’, ‘Master Of Puppets’, ‘Heart Shaped Box / Smells Like Teen Spirit’, ‘Faith’, and an amusing rendition with the new Kerrang! Music Editor Jen Walker as ‘Lil’ Wayne’.

Naturally it is the big hits like ‘My Generation’, ‘My Way’, ‘Nookie’, ‘Rollin”, ‘Break Stuff’, and ‘Hot Dog’ that get the most truly rowdy receptions. The most pit action was even more chaotic than what was going on onstage. There was everything from the typical blood, sweat, and tears of most pit glorification, even to a very surreal happening where two individuals re-enacted the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock promo from Wrestlemania 17 during ‘My Way’! Whilst a very unique observation, this must have set a world first to be seen in a pit. But regardless, it just looked like everyone, no matter how hectic and brutal it did get at times all were doing one thing which they all had in common… they had fun!

This very evening at Brixton Academy was a surefire testament as to the sheer talent that is slowly picking up worldwide, and a further note that even the old dogs do not need new tricks in order to be as powerful as they once were live!

Probably the most awesome thing about tonight which nipped it in the bud? Vocalist Fred Durst walking in to and around the crowd, to go and high five and hug a visibly disabled concert goer in the balcony and giving him a peaked cap as well, whilst then continuing to finish the song! That alone pretty much just made the night even more special. Fuck the rock star level of fame, this is real appreciation for your fans. Absolutely sublime. Top night!


Reviewer : James Paul Matthews

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