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Review: Kat Graham – I Want It All (Single)

We check out Kat Graham’s (Who you may know from The Vampire Diaries) latest single! Read our thoughts here…

Artist: Kat Graham
Release: I Want It All (Single)

Kat Graham who stars in the popular television series The Vampire Diaries has taken time out of her busy acting schedule to focus on her music career.

Kat first made her professional singing debut in 2007 with Black Eyed Peas front man The track ‘I Got It from My Mama’ entered the UK Charts at 38. After landing a role in a popular television series and consequently taking a few years out of the music scene she proceeded to release two singles in 2010, ‘Cold Hearted Snake’ and ‘Sassy’. Kat Graham has now released a new song ‘I Want It All’ which has been highly praised on several online blogs and websites, especially by self titled ‘queen of all media’ Perez Hilton.

I probably won’t be the first person to listen to this track and feel like I have been blasted back to 2000 when typical pop songs were rife. The song holds a good beat and carries an up tempo chirpy feel, yet I can’t help but think this song sounds like the kind of pop I’ve heard plenty of times before. I feel the song was trying to achieve a more electronic style, but ended up sounding like cliché pop.

Kat Graham has a sparkling acting career and I’m not as to sure as to why she would want to focus on anything else. Kat does have good vocals and can certainly hold the right notes, but could she be a promising future pop star? I’m not sure; I don’t see the same sparkle or attitude in her music as I do in most successful pop artists. I feel the song was somewhat generic and lacking personal style and input from the artist; maybe she hasn’t found her musical identity yet, only a full album will tell.

Reviewer: Cassie Crue

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