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Review: Glamour Of The Kill – Savages (Album)

Glamour Of The Kill released their album ‘Savages’ last week. Check out what HTF made of the album right here.

Band: Glamour Of The Kill
Release: Savages
Release Date: Out Now

Glamour Of The Kill may not be the most well known band on the scene yet, but with the release of their second album ‘Savages’ they are well on their way.

The album starts with the lead single ‘Break’ featuring Vampires Everywhere lead singer Michael Vampire. Davey Richmond’s vocals come in and you get that familiar feeling, and the reassurance that this is the same band that we all know and love. But with a new aggression and maturity in his tone, it really justifies the album title. When the second track ‘Second Chance’ initially comes in it feels remarkably like something that The Blackout would have done, but then very quickly changes pace. The track has everything from harmonised guitars to Avenged Sevenfold-esque drums, and is complimented nicely by the sing-a-long line in the chorus. ‘The Only One’ continues with the same vibe as the last track only adding to overall feel of the album.

‘Live for the Weekend’ may start off a lot softer then the other tracks, but when it comes in it brings those riffs we hear throughout the rest of the album. The album is very riff lead, but really do we mind? Glamour Of The Kill have dared to use a bit more of an electronic keyboard sound at the beginning of ‘Freak Like Me’ and it works very well, and adds something that feels new to the album. But then quickly fall back into the straight riffs and duel guitars on ‘Heartbreaker’.

The album seems to continue on with the same flow as we had prior to of ‘Freak Like Me’ when we get to ‘Rescue Me’, although in the final chorus we get a softer sound for a small amount of time before going back to the riffs again to finish off the track. You really get a sense of Glamour Of The Kill’s influences in ‘Leave It All Behind’ with the Maiden-esque riffs starting the track and it continues throughout and into the solo.

The introduction to ‘A Beautiful Day to Die’ has a very distinct Avenged Sevenfold sound, so much so that you almost expect M. Shadows to start singing, but quickly goes back to more familiar grounds. ‘Tears of the Sun’ shows a side of Glamour Of The Kill that portrays them in a softer light. The track starts with an acoustic guitar making the track very ballad like. And then goes into the heavy riffs but still keeping the mellow feel. The album finishes off with ‘Welcome to Hell’ which is a huge sound that brings you full circle back to the beginning, and ties the album up really well.

Glamour Of The Kill are definitely a band to look out for in the future.


Review by: Kayla Elliot

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