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Review: Fozzy – Sin And Bones (Album)

Fozzy have just released their sixth album. Click here to read what HTF thought of it!

Artist: Fozzy
Release: Sin And Bones (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Some people may not take Fozzy too seriously, or give them the attention as a musical outlet that they deserve, but on their fifth album it’s about time people sat up and paid attention. Yes, the front man is a pro-wrestling superstar, but that isn’t the end of Chris Jericho’s talents. He is also a killer frontman with the perfect voice for heavy rock music. The band is the brain child between said wrestler and Rich Ward, a guitarist who has toured the world with some of metal’s biggest bands. Surely a combination destined for success?!

If you know much about Fozzy and have heard their music before it’s easy enough to hear that ‘Sin And Bones’ is typical to their sound: it’s traditional, old school, heavy rock with raw yet melodic vocals and crunchy fast-paced riffs. Guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey certainly move like the wind and pull off guitar solos and riffs at such a pace – for example halfway through ‘Blood Happens’ and throughout title track ‘Sin And Bones’.

First single ‘Sandpaper’ features guest vocals from Avenged Sevenfold frontman M Shadows and it is easy to hear why this was picked as the first single. It begins with such a punch in the face that if you heard it there is no way you would be able to switch. It is radio-friendly: short, sharp and altogether straight to the point. M Shadows and Chris Jericho power up and sing such a catchy repetitive chorus which will have you singing along after the first listen as they sing “something happens when the dark meets the light” . You’ll be banging your head and punching your fist alongside.

‘Inside My Head’ is the power ballad of the album: every classic rock album has to have one. The guitars are heavy yet steady and calming and it is here you can really hear that Chris Jericho can indeed sing. This song will crush all the people who didn’t believe someone could have two completely different talents in life. He allows them both to play out side by side so successfully.

Every song sounds like a stadium classic, with every clung of the guitar and pound of the drum it’s easy to shut your eyes and imagine hearing it surrounded by thousands of other musical fans. Who knows the heights this band will excel to? Despite this, Fozzy do try to fix in a lot of different sub genres within this album – perfect for the diverse listener – not so much for your more classic rock fan.

There is the haunting and eerie opening to the album in the form of ‘Spider In My Mouth’, a heavy and catchy beginning track that’s definitely a high point of the album. The 80s feel to ‘She’s My Addiction’, inclusive of a catchy guitar solo from Motorhead’s lead guitarist Phil Campbell, ranging to the 12 minute long epic closer track ‘Storm The Beaches’. It is progressive and vocally a lot of emotion is displayed throughout, but have they pushed it just a little too far? There is always such a fine line.

The album is a mixture of power, melody, riffs and emotion: but most importantly, it is a mixture of fully functional metal. This album sees Fozzy at the top of their game, building on previous albums to produce the best album to date of their career.


Reviewer: Rhian Westbury




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