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Review: Flume – Flume (Album)

Australian electro producer and DJ Flume does no wrong with his new debut self titled album.

Band: Flume
Release: Flume
Release Date: 28/02/2013

Australian electro producer and DJ Flume has very much exploded on to the scene of late. Proudly boasting over a million hits on YouTube, touring with The XX and a brief stint above One Direction in the Australian Album charts Harley Streten is set to carry on his yellow brick road well in to 2013.

His interest in production started at the ripe old age of 13, which later grew into an obsession allowing for 7 years later him to lay down this masterful debut album. He has had the support of many well-respected radio DJs and thanks to this, a hardcore touring schedule and above all a beautiful sample-tastic soulful sound, he has a legion on Australian fans that is rightly spreading all over the world.

With the influx of fresh electronic production talent you would think that it would be hard to stand out, not for Flume. With obvious harks of admiration for Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Starslinger, Flume harnesses the perfect balance of lively and ethereal synths, samples and on point loop work. This debut shines light on a lot of vivid vocalist such as Chet Faker and Moon Holiday, each with a tone befitting of the graceful track behind it.

Although there is a clear theme throughout the whole album each track has a unique and fresh vibe to the next causing an appreciative whiplash inducing head nod from track to track.

The big hitters from this album are clearly ‘Sleepless’ with its plentiful YouTube views and its soul soothing tones supplied by Jezzabell Doran (leading to its place on the latest Chillout Session from Ministry Of Sound). In addition to one of my favourite tracks ‘On Top’ that carries an essence of old school Hip Hop, nourished by the vocals of New York rapper T.Shirt. However let this not distract from the rest of the album, which should definitely not be discarded by any means. With powerful tracks such as ‘Insane’, contrasting to the more mellow sound of the romantic ‘Star Eyes’, ‘Warm Thoughts’ and ‘Ezra’, Flume has shown his versatility whilst staying true to his roots.

Flume seems to have managed to make an album that not only quenches your thirst in the hot Australian summer but also warms the cockles in the cold English winter, a feat that should be appreciated globally. Whether your intention is to woo, impress or just chill, this is the album that you will be vibing out to for a long time yet.


Reviewer: Grace Picking

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