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Review: Feed The Rhino – The Burning Sons (Album)

Feed The Rhino unleash new album ‘The Burning Sons’ this week and we have reviewed its awesomeness! Check out what we thought of the album inside.

Band: Feed The Rhino
Release: The Burning Sons (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Feed The Rhino are a band certainly not made for the faint hearted. Their fierce live onslaught has become famously jaw dropping all over the UK. The explosive energy and ruptured nature to their onstage performance has no doubt pushed them into the limelight and this week the band unveil new album effort ‘The Burning Sons’, which is a test for some of us to find out if they have the ability to wow you through a CD player and not just a venue sound system.

Some bands falter in this department and literally have no idea what they are doing. Recording such intense hardcore like this is so difficult as it can sometimes become so boring and repetitive to listen to, but Feed The Rhino are miles away from this ball park. They express a perfect mix of tracks covered in exciting riffs and drumming that give you that urge to perhaps knock someone out while listening to it – perfect early morning listening!

It is such a talent to be able to record music with so much grit and hysteria to it. You are left quite baffled after the first play and in such a haze of wanting!

‘Nothing Lost’ has an opening to make your mouth water. That first hooking riff is embedded throughout the whole track which continues to smash you into a convulsion of madness for its whole three minutes. Then title track ‘The Burning Sons’ is yet another eye opener, having the ability to make you feel the emotive vocals from Lee Tobin for its entirety, yet showing the band’s maturity within the last half of the track as you hear some welcomed slow breakdowns and vocal parts. Another example of the band’s matured song writing abilities is ‘Razor’, proving it is not all about the loud and the ‘go go go’: this track is most definitely your eye in the storm.

The first ten seconds of ‘Death of A Swine’ have you in such suspense and wonder. Then boom, such an epic track is let rip, and so late on in the album, perhaps proving how good this album really is. The first riff that is let loose literally blows you away, it is that huge! The same guitar part continues thoroughout the whole record, with a slice of brutal vocals stitched in and out of the breakdowns perfectly, making it perhaps our favourite track: we love its unpredictability.

So dose up on some pain killers kids because this album is certainly going to have your neck damaged for hours! It has left us a little worse for wear that is for sure.


Reviewer: Steph Knight

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