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Review: Evarose – Elements (EP)

Read what we thought of Evarose’s new EP ‘Elements’ here!

Band: Evarose
Release: Elements (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

All female bands normally fall under the traditional ‘girl band’ umbrella with cheesy and obscure lyrics (so they rhyme). They then usually get together with other famous people, take fashion too seriously or get involved with a TV show and we find ourselves forgetting how they rose to stardom. But Oxford ladies Evarose are putting a fresh spin on this label. Their pop-punk/rock influences along with their feisty words like “I don’t need to prove myself to you” in ‘Time Well Spent’ should unknowingly shield them from falling into that world.

‘Elements’ is impressive. For a while now we’ve had a lot of female vocalists trying to do their bit, but the majority sound too much like Hayley Williams and a cheap knock off of her band. This second EP from Evarose was recorded at Outhouse Studios in Reading with John Mitchell & Ben Humphries, the same place where You Me At Six and Architects have recorded their earlier works. It’s just as polished as those records.

From first track ‘Best Left Alone’Dannika Webber has a steady, non-screechy tone to her voice to ride along with the slick guitars and hectic drums. The next four tracks follow suit with ‘There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing’ having a rippling bassline and some background “ahh”s for a pop effect. “It’s always better in the morning”: a piece of truthful advice from Evarose given in the aptly named ‘Educate Yourself’. ‘Changes’ foresees a crowd chanting back the emotive phrase “This is me but I can’t seem to control myself”.

Evarose are sharp and know they need to be on top of their game to attempt to slot themselves into this crowded genre. There’s a large gap looking to be filled by an all-female band, and it’s one that’s just wide enough for them.


Reviewer: Hayley Fox

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