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Review: Enter Shikari – Wall (Remix) (Single)

Name: Enter Shikari
Release: Wall (Remix) (Single)
Release Date: Out Now

Label: Ambush Reality

So we have another release from the four lads from ‘St Albans / London Town’ as it says on their myspace. This time its a single called ‘Wall’ from their second album ‘Common Dreads’. The beginning of the track sees us being built up with anticipation as Rou, their lead singer, speaks lyrics over a continuous beat. It takes a good minute and a half till it goes completely nuts and you hear Rou roar ‘ITS GLORIOUS OUTSIDE’! A perfect lyric to commence a pure Drum’n’bass remix.

This track instantly reminds me of Enter Shikari’s debut album ‘Take to the Skies’ when people would quote them as being original. Since they decided to go in the Dub-Step direction they have been dissed by fans because apparently their previous records are more gritty and edgy. I on the other hand complete disagree with this statement. I think this single proves how clever the band have become and how they have grown and developed through the past few years.

Even though its a amazing up tempo record its still full of empathy and emotion, but at the same time having strange but brilliant lyrics such as:

‘I’ll hang a painting on your lip, And put tinsel ’round it at Christmas’.

It has you dancing about like a complete idiot and laughing at the same time due to its comedy value verse’s and chorus. Its full of captivating hooks and Rou’s screams finish it off nicely. A full nearly four minutes of madness.

It seems the bands such as Bring me the Horizon have now followed in the footsteps of Enter Shikari as they release a Dub Step related remix album so not only have they got a unique stance to them they now they have big names in the business following suit. Well Done lads, great track and its sure to be a smash.

Reviewer: Steph Knight

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