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Review: Digitalism – Lift EP

We check out the 3 track EP from the legendary French label, Kitsuné

Artist: Digitalism
Release: Lift EP
Release Date: Sept 23rd 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from French music label, Kitsuné. This morning we’ve had the latest EP from Digitalism land on our desk, which landmarks the revival of the label that helped bring their unique sound to international dance floors.

Lift” will see a September 23rd release (pre-release August 23rd for DJs on Beatport) and sees collaboration with Steve Duda and The M Machine, who’s ever-growing reputation proved itself with plenty of remixes that stormed the Hype Machine charts over the past year.

Lift (featuring The M Machine):  The first single on the EP really stays true to the duo’s recognisable electro-pop sound. Kicking in with thumping drums and an eclectic build-up, carefully synthesized vocals bring in great composition. Like the song or not, you can’t help but appreciate the impeccable quality of production skill used to create this masterpiece.

Dudalism (featuring Steve Duda): It’s always great to hear a song on an EP that isn’t just a rehash of the first. If “Lift” was aimed at the radio audience, this is definitely one for the clubs. This song takes the listener on a journey. A delightful, hypnotic journey described by the label as “ethereal vibes of a night about to take off into madness”

Electric Fist: While not in the track title, Michael Diamond has lent his talents to the production of this. Described as an “all dark synth play, vocal chops and pulsating distortion” this song definitely features a vast array of layers, distancing itself from the repetitive sound often associated with dance music.

We’re genuinely excited by this release and can’t wait for its release in September. More information can be found at the Kitsuné or Digitalism website.


We’re not allowed to upload a stream of the individual tracks, but are able to provide a “specially constructed mix of all three tracks”.

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