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Review: Deaf Havana – Old Souls (Album)

Find out what we thought of Deaf Havana’s new album, here!

Band: Deaf Havana
Release: Old Souls (Album)
Release Date: Out now

Although ‘Old Souls‘ is only the third release from Norfolk’s alt-rockers Deaf Havana, the band have more than a few EPs under their belts, making up a strong back catalogue to build on. Its this experience that shines through on the new record, maintaining a polished sound with solid songwriting and a real enthusiasm for their own work.

The album title ‘Old Souls‘ appears to be an accurate description of the record’s creators, with mature themes beyond the member’s young years. Themes of age and growing apart dominate the album, from the yearning ‘Kings Road Ghosts‘ to the more reminiscent ‘Mildred‘. Each track drifts between the youthful energy of the band’s contemporaries Mallory Knox and Kids In Glass Houses and a slightly sorrowful, older sound.

Despite its less than cheerful title, ‘Everybody’s Dancing And I Want To Die‘ actually sounds like a positive slice of pop-rock, until you listen to the lyrics concerning its writer being an outcast and feeling the loss of someone close to himself.

The haunting ‘Speeding Cars‘ is the peak of the record’s dark side, reflecting on death and faith. Luckily, it has a harmonious chorus to lighten the tone, afraid to go too deep into the ballad style. The band save that soft touch for the beautiful ‘Saved‘, a message out to a friend who’s lost their way.

Despite their pop-rock tendancies, Deaf Havana have a darker side, which they’ve definitely explored on their new record. In terms of subject matter, the band seem much older than their years. Although some of the deeper meanings become lost in places, at least its in well-conceived pieces of pop-rock that make the record an enjoyable listen.


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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