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Review: Dark Tranquillity – Construct (Album)

Read what we thought of the new album from the Swedish melodic death metallers Dark Tranquility here!

Band: Dark Tranquillity
Release: Construct
Release Date: 27th May 2013

Swedish melodic death metallers Dark Tranquillity have certainly learned to hone their craft, with their new album ‘Construct’ being the band’s tenth studio album to date. Having promised to produce ‘their most diverse album to date’, the band have already set the standard high for this new offering.

Rather than jumping straight in with heavy riffs, first track and recent single ‘For Broken Words’ has a nicely drawn out intro, building upon layers of whispered vocals, turning into screams as the song progresses. It’s a much more effective start, drawing in the listener softly before hooking them with the sheer force and angst behind the music.

‘Uniformity’ plays out well with the addition of deep, soulful vocals from Mikael Stanne to contrast with his gravely tones. There’s even a touch of electronica as the track reaches its conclusion.

‘The Silence In Between’ welcomes the thrashing guitars back with a vengeance. The six piece don’t pause for breath either, tearing straight into the caustic ‘Apathetic’ with its heavy drumming and a pounding guitar section.

‘What Only You Know’ slows the pace, slightly. Exploring a deeper, more melancholy sense, Stanne’s clean vocals return to accentuate the sorrowful lyrics, mourning a once close relationship that has fallen apart.

‘Endtime Hearts’ continues the relationship theme, but returns to the super-charged riffs that have dominated the rest of the album. There’s nothing held back with the guttural screaming, but with no cost to the song structure as there’s room for a fantastic guitar solo before the end.

The most contrasting track on the album ‘State of Trust’ flits between moments of soft, synthy vocals, beautiful piano notes and hardcore screaming. The chilling closing track ‘None Becoming’, a drawn out synth lead piece, provides a dramatic and memorable finale to the album.

For an album with so many hidden depths, ‘Construct’ is remarkably cohesive. Each song carries the signature sound of Dark Tranquillity, whilst pushing the style with twists of electronica and heartfelt lyrics. It won’t disappoint fans, especially those eager for something new from such a well-established group.

Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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