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Review: Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

We check out the new album from Cold War Kids ‘Mine Is Yours’….

Band: Cold War Kids
Release: Mine Is Yours
Release Date: 24th Jan 2011

Californian bred Cold War Kids have treated us to many delightful tracks in the past such as ‘Hang Me Up To Dry’, but their new album ‘Mine Is Yours’ was truly enjoyable. The 11 track album including two bonus tracks has received a lot of flak from media and has been described as repetitive, preachy and generic. I however disagree I feel their music has taken a slightly more ‘pop’ feel to it which makes the music more energetic; as much as I’m a big fan of the previous albums ‘Robbers & Cowards’ and ‘Loyalty To Loyalty,’ I feel the newest album ‘Mine Is Yours’ really packs a positive punch. This is why I think Cold War Kids sudden but slight musical change is nothing short of fabulous, most lyrics on the album are easily relatable to and I feel the quality of the music has been massively underestimated.

Certain negative stories circulated on Pitchforks music blog calling the band ‘skinny jeaned Christians” after members of the band admitted to being Christian and attending a Bible Institute College in Los Angeles. I believe whilst listening to the new Cold War Kids album people should keep an open mind and decide for themselves, I don’t believe the bands religion has any effect on their music and should be judged fairly.

The sound varies throughout the album; some sounds are more upbeat and high tempo than others, as well as some slightly darker tracks resembling their older work. Nathan Willett’s vocals throughout the whole album are outstanding, raw whilst remaining very clear and we wouldn’t expect any less. A few songs stood out to me were track five ‘Skip The Charades’, this a great example of the laid back dreamy rock Cold War Kids are known to make; it almost reminded me of an old kings of Leon type track, so if you’re a kings of Leon fan I’d definitely advice you to give Cold War Kids a chance. Track two ‘Louder Than Ever’ at just 2 minutes 44 seconds is my favourite song on the album, its cheery and an upbeat track with a somewhat retro feel to it; definitely struck gold with me, I’m definitely going to be putting this track on repeat for a while. Track three ‘Royal Blue’ another favourite of mine off the album stood out due to its busy but melodic tune as well as the incredibly catchy chorus. Track seven ‘Sensitive Kid’ has a much darker feel to it reminding me more of older songs, the lyrics are somewhat depressing but very real. The song briefly talks about an unhappy kid who doesn’t seem to get much say in how his life is going due to his mothers relationship, despite its sad lyrics the song is well composed and enjoyable. In track eight ‘Bulldozer’ Nathan Willett’s harmonies are beautiful and the song is well structured from start to finish; I could easily see this song being a soundtrack for a film.

Overall the album ‘Mine Is Yours’ is definitely something I’d spend my money on, the music is inspiring and soulful; it should be given a chance by everyone.

Reviewer: Cassie Crue

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