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Review: Clutch – Earth Rocker (Album)

We had the pleasure of checking out the upcoming full-length ‘Earth Rocker’ from rock n’ rollers Clutch. See what we thought inside!

Band: Clutch
Release Title: Earth Rocker (Album)
Release Date: 19/03/2013

Clutch are the kind of band that if you were to answer the question ‘Are you a fan of Clutch?’ with ‘Who are Clutch?’, you will be laughed at by troops of beer-breathing, leather-wearing gnarly dudes with beards, probably for a fair amount of time before going home and crying into your pillow.

With that said, it’s pretty fucking exciting to hear ‘Earth Rocker‘, a week ahead of release, a record that is described by guitarist Tim Sult as “probably the best Clutch album that has ever existed”.

Right from the offset, opening with the title track ‘Earth Rocker‘, the listener is made aware damn quickly that this record is set to be a straight-up, no bollocks rock n’ roll record. There are no frills, no pretentious lyrical sections overwhelmed with tedium and frivolousness, just hard partying lyrics with the perfect rhythm to swig an ale to.

Clutch are a band with a highly distinctive sound, blues-driven guitar play with a largely low-pitched vocal style that comes out swaggering from the mouth of Neil Fallon. Said sound is embodied perfectly in tracks such as ‘Crucial Velocity‘, a track perfect to drive to in any condition and the swinging ‘Mr Freedom‘.

Ridden with harmonica and fuzz ‘D.C. Sound Attack‘ travels purposely and drunkenly into ‘Unto The Breach‘, a slightly faster rendition, but does it lose that traditional Clutch vibe? Hell. No. The perfect balance of pace and groove is almost too appealing.

Gone Cold‘ is a track you’d expect to hear in some sort of modern-day Tarantino-esque western movie, you know the sort, some dude wandering the length of a desert, smoke in the corner of his mouth, beer in hand with a minimal amount of fucks given during the entire process.

Earth Rocker‘ is like a lesson in rock n’ roll, a term that has today been lost somewhat by amateurs who think it’s all about banging groupies, snorting cocaine and drinking so much that you puke on your bandmates when really, the groove, drive and feel is the focus, Clutch get this down to a tee with ‘The Face‘ in lyrical content and THAT riff in the chorus of ‘Book, Saddle & Go‘ is enough to make any rocker lose his (or her) shit.

The hard groove of ‘Cyborg Bette‘ flings our invigorated ears willingly into the bouncing ‘Oh, Isabella‘ before the record leaves us sonically yet beautifully destroyed and waylaid by ‘The Wolfman Kindly Requests…‘, solo n’ all.

When Tim Sult said that this is the greatest creation by the band to this date, he could not have been anymore right. ‘Earth Rocker‘ is a full-blown groover, laced with elements that span the important, attractive genres making it nothing short of a collection of eleven catchy, distinctive and timeless rippers.


Reviewer: Luke Davis

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