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Review: Chris Brown Ft Benny Benassi – Beautiful People (Single)

We check out the latest single from Chris Brown. Read our thoughts here…

Artist: Chris Brown Ft Benny Benassi
Release: Beautiful People (Single)

Chris Brown has turned out a lot of music these past few years and some of which I have liked and some I have hated. Chris’ name has been in the media for all the wrong reasons since his physical altercation with ex girlfriend Rihanna, but I am not going to slate his music based on his poor relationship skills. I believe it should be judged fairly.

Chris Brown and Benny Benassi have teamed up to create an amazing mix between hip hop and electro in this track. When I first heard the artists names together I couldn’t possibly imagine what they would cook up; all I knew was it could only be incredible or terrible.

Beautiful People opens with a clubby sounding beat before Chris swiftly starts singing in an almost robotic styled voice. The song quickly begins to raise up into a higher tempo with Chris singing the very complimentary lyrics ‘Don’t you know don’t you know, You’re beautiful don’t you know’. The chorus beat kicks in and I have to say at this point I fell in love with the song. As well as bass thumping, robotic voices their is also steel pans; now there’s a treat you don’t get often.

During the chorus the lyrics are incredibly uplifting and high spirited. I find it great to hear an artist being positive and sending out the right message. The chorus reads ‘Live your life live your life, Let the love inside, It’s your life it’s your life, Got to play it right’. Also in the chorus Chris Brown tells us to ‘Take your time take your time, Take your sexy time’ so that’s us told!

The song maintains a pretty similar beat and although that would normally drive me crazy this mix of hip hop and electronic is so fascinating I have been hitting the repeat button non stop. This will definitely be a summer favourite of mine.

The video for the song shows personal clips of Chris Brown and many celebrities and friends having a good time as well as footage from tours and the video fits the song perfectly. It’s great to see the fans a little more involved as well as all our other celebrity favourites!

I would advise everyone to listen to this whatever genre of music you prefer, you might just be surprised. Watch the music video for Beautiful People below…

Reviewer: Cassie Crue

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