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Review: Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal (Album)

We reviewed the new album from one of Sheffield’s finest offerings Bring The The Horizon. Check out what we thought inside..

Band: Bring Me The Horizon
Release: Sempiternal (Album)
Release Date: Out Now!

An album leaking as early as this one did must have been completely mortifying. However, as expected it didn’t stop this Sheffield five piece storming into the UK charts and smashing out a number 3. Being quite possibly the most anticipated release of the year, the pressure was well and truly on for the, now fresh-faced, Bring Me The Horizon and they bloody smashed it!

The entire record is jam packing full of progression, a worthy catalyst of what the band are all about now .The comparison from their previous offerings is outstanding. It is inevitable that this release would showcase their progression as musicians but to produce an album as special as this one is damn right incredible.

Opening track ‘Can You Feel My Heart?’ is a perfect example of how much the band has moved forward. Opening an album on a track so far and beyond their old material is brave yes, but ultimately clever. It will give them the varied audience they need to stay as successful as they clearly already are, seeing that regular daytime Radio 1 play is like second nature to them these days.

Fitting yourself into one box is boring and Bring Me The Horizon have so many boxes going on in this release they have arguably found their other calling in life, as good circus juggling folk. Even though they have that pop-like feel through parts of ‘Sleepwalking’, ‘Anti-vist’ declares they still very much know how to write a catchy hook and a guitar riff to continuously bang your head whilst losing your mind indefinitely.

Other stand out track mention goes to the more than worthy front running single ‘Shadow Moses’. The build up within the first thirty seconds of this track is insane, leading to a guitar riff to blow your face clean off! The chorus is furious; brimming with gang vocals that live shall cause ultimate havoc, with the production then clearly speaking for itself.

Closing track ‘Hospital For Souls’ gets the final mention. An emotive track which posses awesome singing vocals, something the band really have experimented with on this release.

Not only does the UK music scene have a lot of competition for album of the year it would seem the entire world does. This album is the perfect example of next level rock/metal music that will force haters to get on their knees and beg for forgiveness. – Did you see what I did there?


Reviewer: Steph Knight

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