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Review: Bouncing Souls – Comet (Album)

HTF listens to Bouncing Souls new album, Comet. Find out what we thought HERE!

Artist: Bouncing Souls
Release: Comet (Album)
Release date: Out now

Punk rock pioneers Bouncing Souls have recently released their ninth studio album…yes ninth! The New Jersey foursome have released ‘Comet’ as their first album since signing with Rise Records.

This album will please any punk rock lovers, offering a hearty selection of riff-filled tracks just waiting to be the soundtrack to a college party near you.

The opening few tracks do blend together with a very similar tone and pace, but the bands talent is undeniable. Since forming in 1989 they’ve perfected their genre to the point where it’s almost punk-rock-by-numbers.

Title track ‘Comet’ marks a turning point of the album with a ridiculously catchy melody that would sit nicely in a ‘Blink’ set while ‘We Love Fun’ is reminiscent of old school Greenday. Both good tracks in their own right but leave you wanting a little something more.

‘Infidel’ and ‘DFA’ are stand-out tracks, exploring heavier, faster-paced melodies and increase the strength of the album as a whole.

While ‘Comet’ doesn’t necessarily challenge other punk rock albums we’ve heard it doesn’t change the fact that Bouncing Souls know exactly how to produce a tight collection of feel-good tunes. Definitely one to add to your summer road trip play-list.


Reviewer: Verity Vincent

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