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Review: Bon Jovi – What About Now (Album)

Bon Jovi have a new album out, see what HTF thought of it here!

Band: Bon Jovi
Release: What About Now (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

That’s right folks, Bon Jovi are back in town with a brand new album ‘What About Now’ which bring together 12 speaker blowing, blues infested, stadium rock anthems. Pretty much the same as every other Bon Jovi album, but with a lot more country and still keeping that fun and emotional spirit.

‘Because We Can’ and ‘What About Now’ are the album’s two singles that kick starts the album with that generic country style sing-along vibe that gets stuck in your head. Think Who Says You Can’t Go Home…they’re a lot like that song…very much like that song actually, maybe too much like that song. But still enjoyable all the same.

‘I’m With You’ is the slow acoustic ballad on the album that every Bon Jovi album is incomplete without. This is the kind of song you put on when you’re driving through the country side and you want to sing your heart out. Trust me, sing along to this at the top of your lungs and tell me your troubles are still there.

The heart felt ‘What’s Left Of Me’ sounds like ‘Lost Highway’ with the “hey hey”’s designed to get the crowd jumping and singing along. The anthemic build up in the bridge where you want to jump up and down and clap along to the rhythm of the guitars are what make this song so typically Bon Jovi.

By far, one of the most favourable tracks on this album is ‘With These Two Hands’ as it is so built up and powerful with a strong, deep message. But saying that, there isn’t really a song on this album that you can’t favourite. They are all equally as electrifying as the next.

This album is exactly what you would have expected from Bon Jovi, 12 feel good summer tunes that are all about ‘believing’ and ‘taking a stand’. But in a way, that is probably the most disappointing thing about this album; it’s far too samey. Every song sounds like one you’ve heard before. But in the end, we know it’s Bon Jovi, and for that reason we can forgive it for being a little samey because after 12 albums, you can’t deny that this is one band that will never give up. You can’t not respect this band for that and this album is far too fun to not enjoy.


Reviewer: Louisa Smith

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