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Review: Bleed From Within – The Cavern, Exeter – 18/02/11

Check out Steph HTF’s recent review of the Scottish Metalcore band Bleed From Within. The band now have a change in line up so check out our thoughts here..

Band: Bleed From Within
Venue: The Cavern, Exeter
Date: 18th February 2011

After briefly meeting the band before their set, I did not expect them to be so hardcore. I think I always have this shock by metal bands if I am truly honest. I admit I tend to stereotype them, I always presume they are going to be these scary people just because of the pounding music they produce. How wrong I was, a genuinely lovely group of lads from Glasgow.

Tonight they were performing with their new guitarist Martyn Evans, so I was excited to see what kind of effect that having a new member did for this band.

At first, I found it quite difficult to get into them; I think this is because the sound at The Cavern can be a bit weak at times. As their set continued this opinion was demolished as they improved track by track. Perhaps I just got into their music a bit more and started to understand what they were trying to achieve.

Scott Kennedy, the bands lead vocalist seem to get better through out their set too. As his vocal continued to get sharper and more brutal I knew he was starting to impress, I could feel goose bumps growing.

You can tell that the band take some of their influences from acts such as ‘Lamb of God’ as guitarist Craig Gowans continually windmills his epically long hair when a slight twinge of a break down is in mist. Certain guitar riffs remind me of a few ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ tracks. This is a good thing in my opinion, a nice beefy track to get your stomp on too.

Finally, guitar licks began to make my eyes water and the band sound tight as ever during their last few tracks. I also feel like I should mention their drummer Ali Richardson as I distinctively remember feeling overwhelmed with how good he actually was.

When their set came to an end I was surprised at how much I really had enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see them again..

Reviewer: Steph Knight

Photos: Emily Ernest

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